Experiencing a fall is a very real danger for aging adults. One of the solutions that might be the most helpful in reducing your senior’s risk of falling is to make sure that she’s got help from elder care providers throughout the day. Even if your senior isn’t keen on the idea at first, she might just come around once she realizes how much this can help.


Homecare in Tolleson AZ: Reduce Your Senior’s Fall Risk

Homecare in Tolleson AZ: Reduce Your Senior’s Fall Risk


Getting Her Ready for the Day

When your elderly family member is ready for whatever the day might send her way, she’s much less likely to be off-balance mentally and physically. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the weather and for the activities she’ll be doing is important. It’s also important that your aging family member’s shoes have non-slip soles and that they fit her properly. All of this works together to get your senior ready for her day.


Reminding Her to Move a Little

Your senior’s doctor might have recommended that she exercise a little bit each day. Exercise helps your senior to maintain her balance and to build strength in her muscles and her joints. Senior care providers can remind her to keep moving throughout the day and, if she is exercising, they can help to make sure that she’s able to do so safely.


Making Sure Assistive Tools Are Right There

If your elderly family member uses any type of assistive device to maintain her balance, she needs to use them regularly. Lots of times, though, your senior might have some feelings about using them. You might not have luck reminding your senior to use these devices regularly, but if home care providers are there with your senior during the day, they can help her to learn to use these tools as effectively as possible.


Being There for Her at Key Moments

There are some moments when your senior is a little more likely to be off-balance or to fall. When she’s getting up after sitting or lying down for a little while is a particularly vulnerable time. Senior care providers can be there for her to offer an arm and to stabilize her when she needs that the most.

Having just a little bit of extra help at various times during the day can really help your elderly family member to do what she needs to do in order to avoid falling. You and your senior will both rest easier knowing that she’s in good hands.


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