With senior parents or loved ones receiving elderly care at home, it is important to capture as many memories that we can while we have them close. You won’t ever want to regret not taking the time to hear their stories, learn their tips and tricks and favorite recipes, and learn about their past, so here are a few ways that you can capture special time with your senior today.


Homecare in Glendale  AZ: Capture Memories with Your Senior

Homecare in Glendale  AZ: Capture Memories with Your Senior


Videos and Photos

Almost everyone has a video camera in their purse or pocket by way of our cell phones. Just like when our children are babies, we treasure and cherish the videos we took and I don’t know anyone who regrets taking too many. Take time to capture videos of your senior doing what they love; singing a special song, dancing, or just being. You will be glad to have the footage and be able to smile every time you see it for years to come.



When was the last time you sat down with your senior just to listen to their stories? Seniors often enjoy reflecting on their past, and you can learn very important and special stories just by spending uninterrupted, quality time listening to what they have to say. If you can record them telling a special memory or story, even better!



If your senior loved one has any special recipes you grew up loving, or they have any that have been passed down in their families for many years, find a way to preserve that information for the future generations to come. Many people find special or unique ways to print family recipes such as in scrapbooks or even framed prints that can be given as gifts to family members who will appreciate having them. Plus, every time you make or eat that meal you will think of your loved one!



Ask your senior if they have any meaningful songs that they like, or maybe you have some songs that you used to sing with them when you were growing up. Spend time listening to music with them, and you might find that when you hear a song that you attribute to your senior, it makes you smile as you think about the memories you made with them.



Spending time with your senior to make a scrapbook together can be a really rewarding experience for you both. Not only will you enjoy being creative and spending time together, but you will remember all of the special things that you have done together and share memories as you work to save them on paper.


Helpful tip: If you are finding it difficult to make time to spend with your senior, or you are too exhausted or overwhelmed with their care to add anything else to your already-full plate, consider hiring a professional elderly care company to help your senior with their needs so that you can spend more quality time making memories and bonding with your loved one.


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