Sleep issues are common in elderly adults. Some of the sleep issues elderly adults may have are insomnia, having a tough time falling asleep, not being able to stay asleep, sleeping in too long, or not getting enough sleep. If your elderly loved one has any issues with the amount they sleep or the quality of their sleep, there are some things you can do to help them sleep better.


Home Health Care in Tolleson AZ: Senior Sleep

Home Health Care in Tolleson AZ: Senior Sleep


Sleep Schedule

It is important for elderly adults to have a sleep schedule. If your elderly loved one doesn’t have a sleep schedule, this increases the chances that they will have issues with the quality and amount of their sleep. Help your loved one to figure out what time is best for them to go to bed and what time is best for them to wake up. Remember, elderly adults should get 6 to 8 quality hours of sleep every night. Even on weekends, your elderly loved one should stick to their sleep schedule.


No Naps or Small Naps

If your elderly loved one doesn’t need naps during the day, that would be best. When someone naps, it can affect the time they are able to fall asleep at night. This could leave your loved one tossing and turning because they can’t fall asleep when its time for bed. If your loved one absolutely needs a nap during the day, keep it short. 30 minutes is plenty enough time for a nap. It should also be earlier in the day. Napping past 2 or 3 o’clock could be problematic.


Comfortable Environment

What is your elderly loved one’s bedroom environment like? Is it too light in there? Maybe you need to get them some blackout curtains. If there is too much noise that distracts them at night, maybe you can get them a white noise machine. If it is too hot or too cold, you can adjust the temperature or get them a fan to cool the room down. Make sure the environment is comfortable for your elderly loved one to promote better sleep.


New Mattress

If your elderly loved one has had their mattress for a long time, it may be getting uncomfortable. This is especially true if they are still using a spring mattress. There are many different mattresses that you can choose from depending on what your loved one needs. You may even want to get them an adjustable mattress and frame, so they can pick the most comfortable positions.



Exercising can also help your elderly loved one to sleep better at night. If your elderly loved one does exercise and it makes them tired, have them exercise right before bed. If exercise gives them energy, have them exercise earlier in the day.

These are some great ways that you can help your elderly loved one to get the proper amount and best quality of sleep. If you can’t be around to help your loved one with these things, maybe you can hire an elderly care provider to do so.


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