Vaccines are important for everyone, especially for senior citizens. There are some vaccines that are more essential than others when it comes to what senior citizens need to get. According to the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are vaccines that are highly recommended for people who are 50 years of age and older.


Home Health Care in Buckeye AZ: Top Vaccines for Seniors

Home Health Care in Buckeye AZ: Top Vaccines for Seniors


Shingles Vaccine

There is a lot of research out there that shows that approximately 1 in every 3 people throughout the United States of America will get shingles at some point in their life. As someone gets older, their risk of getting shingles rises significantly. The shingles vaccine will protect someone against the shingles infection. It will also protect them against any complications that could arise if they get shingles.


Flu Vaccine

The flu can be deadly in some instances. Unfortunately, over the past few years, the flu has been getting worse and worse, especially for senior citizens. Those who are 65 and older have a much higher risk of getting dangerous side effects from the flu. Many senior citizens are hospitalized due to the flu. If you want to help your loved one prevent the flu or stop it from getting too bad if they get it, the flu vaccine is highly recommended. You or their home care providers can take them to the health department or doctor’s office to get this vaccine.


TDaP Vaccine

The TDaP vaccine is another highly recommended vaccine for senior citizens. This vaccine combines tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccines. This vaccine can help to fight off this disease and keep senior citizens healthier.


Pneumoccocal Vaccine

This is a vaccine that helps to fight against pneumococcal disease. This disease can cause infections in your loved one’s bloodstream or lungs. It can be extremely fatal, especially in those who are 65 and older. You should definitely make sure your loved one gets this vaccine.

These are some of the most commonly recommended vaccines for senior citizens. If you want to keep your loved one as healthy as possible, you should remember to get them these vaccines. These may not be the only vaccines that your loved one’s doctor wants them to get. There could be others. Schedule your loved one an appointment with their doctor to find out what all vaccines they should be getting. Depending on their health history, there might be other vaccinations that their doctor wants them to get. Make sure you keep up on these vaccinations and get any annually recommended vaccinations to protect your loved one’s health.


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