Colds, the flu, and infected cuts are all preventable with the right level of personal care. Have your parents been having a harder time with personal care and grooming? Here are the reasons it’s so important.


Home Health Care in Buckeye AZ: Disease Prevention

Home Health Care in Buckeye AZ: Disease Prevention


Hand Washing Can Prevent Many Diseases and Health Issues

Per a CDC report, people who wash their hands in warm, soapy water for around half a minute reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses by 16 percent. Washing hands could keep your parents from getting a cold, flu, or other virus spread by touching something someone who is sick has touched.

Washing hands before and while preparing foods can also lower the risk of foodborne illness. After handling raw meat, your parents need to thoroughly wash their hands before chopping vegetables or touching a utensil.

Your parents need to wash their hands after touching a doorknob, store or ATM keypad, furnishing, or other items that people touch when they’re running errands or dining out. When it’s impossible to wash their hands, your parents should use an antibacterial hand gel or wipe.


Showers Remove Bacteria

It’s estimated that over half of all healthy children and adults have Staphyloccous living on their bodies. The bacteria live in the nasal passage, hair, and skin. One 15-minute shower with warm water and soap greatly reduces the number of bacteria on the body.

Before and after getting into a public pool, it’s important to shower. This removes the bacteria that other swimmers have carried into the pool on their skin and hair. It also removes the bacteria you transport when getting in or pick-up while swimming.

To lower the risk of developing swimmer’s ear after using a pool, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to each ear after getting out. That helps remove any water in the ear canal after swimming and also kills some germs that got into the ear through the pool water.


Oral Care May Help Prevent Serious Health Issues

Brushing your teeth and flossing between them helps lower the risk of tooth decay. It’s also important as it helps lower the risk of gum disease. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss, it also has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Talk to your parents about caregivers. They could have help with the personal care routines that have become difficult. They don’t have to let the caregiver take over, but they could have support and guidance as they try to do things. If they can’t, the caregiver can step in. Talk to an agency about how much caregivers cost and what the best schedules are.


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