When a family member has multiple sclerosis (MS), one of the jobs of being a family caregiver is looking for ways to reduce symptoms. There are many things that can help with relieving symptoms. New research says that one of them may be to lose weight.


Home Care Services in Peoria AZ: Weight Affects MS Symptoms

Home Care Services in Peoria AZ: Weight Affects MS Symptoms


Obesity and MS

Researchers conducted a study involving 140 participants. All of them had relapsing-remitting MS. The researchers found that people who were obese when they were diagnosed with MS were more likely to have a worse level of disability than people who were not obese. They concluded that the reason MS symptoms were worse for those people was because of inflammation. The scientists discovered that people who were obese had more of two kinds of protein: interleukin-6 and leptin. Both of these proteins increase inflammation in the body.


Losing Weight with MS

Unfortunately, some aspects of having MS can cause weight gain, such as fatigue and depression. However, even with MS, it is possible to lose weight. Some tips for losing weight with MS are:


Drink More Water: Drinking water is important for proper hydration, but it can also take the place of beverages that contain more calories. It also makes the stomach feel full, so the senior won’t feel like eating as much.


Practice Portion Control: Most diets won’t work in the long-term. However, developing healthy eating habits will. One problem many people have is eating larger than recommended portions of food. Learn what true portion sizes are and plate food accordingly.


Eat Healthy Snacks: Snacking might seem counterproductive for losing weight but eating healthy snacks can prevent your aging relative from getting too hungry and overeating at meals. Keep snacks like cut-up vegetables, fresh fruit, and low-fat yogurt handy to make having healthy snacks easy.


Make Changes Slowly: If you attempt to completely change the way the older adult eats all at once, they will probably have a hard time sticking to the new diet. Instead, change one meal at a time. Start by serving healthy breakfasts, such as an omelet made with egg whites and spinach.

Home care can help your aging relative with MS to lose weight and lessen their symptoms. A home care provider can assist the older adult to plan meals that contain healthy ingredients. A home care provider can also take them to the grocery store and help with the shopping. In addition, home care providers can cook meals and sit with the senior while they eat, making eating more enjoyable.


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