Scientists are continually studying dementia in hopes of finding out what causes some people to develop it, better ways to treat it, and one day finding a cure. Many risk factors for dementia have been identified, including health conditions like diabetes and sleep apnea. Now, a new study suggests that migraines may also be a risk factor for dementia.


Home Care Services in Litchfield Park AZ: Migraines and Dementia

Home Care Services in Litchfield Park AZ: Migraines and Dementia


Dementia and Migraines

Approximately 36 million people in the United States suffer from migraines on a regular basis. 5 million people have been diagnosed with some sort of dementia. Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, sought to find out if there was a connection between the two.

The study involved data from 679 people who had participated in another study, the Manitoba Study of Health and Aging. All of the participants were 65 years old or older. None of them had cognitive impairments when the study began. The researchers also had access to information about their migraine history.

The results of the study showed a 3 to 4 times higher instance of migraines in people who had dementia. The researchers say this suggests that migraine may be a risk factor for dementia.


Preventing Migraines

If your older family member experiences migraines, they should see a doctor since there are treatments that can help. When treating migraines, doctors try to relieve the symptoms of migraines when they happen as well as trying to prevent migraines from occurring in the future. They may prescribe a combination of medications to accomplish this.

In addition to medications, there are also lifestyle changes and home remedies that can help to prevent and relieve migraines, such as:


-Relaxation Techniques: Older adults can be taught to engage in some relaxation techniques, such as biofeedback. The doctor may be able to refer them to specialists who can teach these techniques.


-Sleep: Getting too much or too little sleep can trigger migraines. Keeping a regular schedule of getting up and going to bed at the same time each day can prevent migraines. In addition, seniors should try to eat meals at the same times every day.


-Exercise: Although exercising too vigorously may trigger a migraine, regular, moderate exercise can help to prevent them. It can also make migraines last a shorter time and be milder.


-Reduce Stress: Managing stress by taking walks, doing yoga, or listening to calming music can help to reduce stress, which is a common migraine trigger.


Home care can assist older adults when they experience migraines.
A home care provider can let them rest in a dark, quiet room while the provider attends to household tasks like cleaning and making meals. Home care providers can also help with migraine prevention by keeping the senior on a regular schedule. They can come in the morning to get them up and ready for the day. They can also arrive near bedtime to get them ready for bed. Home care providers can also encourage more physical activity by taking walks with the older adult or driving them to an exercise class or a gym.


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