Given that July’s sun rays are some of the most powerful America sees all year, it’s not surprising that it’s been named UV safety month.
Protecting and maintaining skin health is one of the most critical ways to prevent aging skin from getting irreparably damaged. Most people don’t think of using sunscreen until they’re already burned, however, this is a fundamental mistake all-year-round, and especially in the summertime.


Home Care in Litchfield Park AZ: July is UV Safety Month

Home Care in Litchfield Park AZ: July is UV Safety Month


How to Stay Sun Safe in the Summer

For some skin types, one can get burned from less than 30 minutes of sun exposure, and despite a burn occurring so quick, it can often take between 2 to 6 hours to turn red and become visible [1]. Preserving skin health is especially important in seniors, as senior health risks increase with damaged skin. The best way to protect skin from sun damage is to be proactive. Applying sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before sun exposure ensures that the sunscreen will be soaked in and protecting the skin from sun damage. As well, for seniors or individuals with sensitive skin, it is best to avoid the sun at its peak hours, between 10 AM – 4 PM as much as possible [1]. This time of day in July is when it is easiest to get burned or to incur UV damage without knowing.


While it’s important to apply sunscreen regardless of how sunny it looks out, it is especially important when rays are higher than 3 on the UV scale. Light or minimal sun rays, on a somewhat cloudy day usually fall between 1 and 2 on the UV index. However, whenever there is a bare sun in the sky, exposing skin to direct sunlight; glasses, a hat, and sunscreen should all be a part of that day’s attire to ensure ample protection from the sun.


Seniors in the Sun

When taking seniors or elderly parents out in the sun in the summer, make sure they are well hydrated, their skin adequately protected by clothing and sunblock, and ensure they have sunglasses and a hat if needed, as the sun can get significantly and suddenly hotter during peak hours in the summer. It is imperative to be mindful of senior health concerns, especially in the summer when they are more vulnerable to UV damage than any other time in the year.


Days in the summer can be enjoyed equivocally in the shade as they can in the sun. A fun-not-in-the-sun summer day starter pack would include an umbrella for shade, a picnic for the park or beach, sunglasses for everyone, sunscreen, hats and lots of water. It’s never too early to begin protecting skin from UV damage, especially when it comes to senior health risks.


Enjoying the summer is easier and safer when the family is UV protected. Happy UV Safety Month, America!


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