If your senior has been diagnosed with osteoporosis, then keeping her from falling is of major importance now. Osteoporosis makes her bones more prone to breaking, and a fall could be even more disastrous for her than it already can be. Making a few changes can make a big difference.



Elder Care in Goodyear AZ: Reduce Fall Risk with Osteoporosis

Elder Care in Goodyear AZ: Reduce Fall Risk with Osteoporosis


Safety, in General, Is the Biggest Focus

Keeping your senior safe is always a high priority, but when she has osteoporosis you might be even more concerned about general safety issues. Reducing clutter, keeping floors safe and skid-free, and adding handrails wherever possible are all options for upping the safety score in your senior’s home. It might be a good idea to start regular safety sweeps, just to make sure you’re not missing anything.


Your Senior Needs a Solid Foundation

One of the biggest problems in relation to falling is that your senior needs to be stable on her feet. If she’s got mobility or balance problems, using an assistive device at home is likely a good idea. She also needs to have her feet on solid ground at all times. That means making sure that she’s got and wears shoes that support her feet well and that can keep her from slipping and sliding.


Remove Anything That Is in the Way

Anything that could become an obstacle, whether that’s clutter or furniture that blocks a clear pathway, needs to either get moved or removed entirely. This can be a touchy subject for your senior, though, especially if she’s got an attachment to a lot of her belongings. Talk with her about how you can rearrange the main rooms to ensure that she’s able to safely get around.


Help Her Keep Her Hands Free

If your elderly family member tends to carry items around the house a lot, she might not be able to catch herself if she loses her balance. Also, just the act of carrying something can change her center of gravity, which might make her more likely to take a tumble. Rolling walkers with a basket might be an option if your senior has bad balance and insists on carrying things herself.


Something else that can help your elderly family member to be safer at home is to bring senior care providers into the equation. They can take over some tasks that have become more labor-intensive for your senior and also help to ensure that her environment remains as safe as possible.


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