Medical alert programs can be helpful tools when your parents live alone. Before choosing one, make sure you know what you’re looking at and read the fine print. Here are tips on things to look for.


Caregiver in Tolleson AZ: Read the Fine Print

Caregiver in Tolleson AZ: Read the Fine Print


Is it All-in-One Pricing?

Some services offer one set price for the services you need. Others will slap on hidden fees and additional charges for extras like spousal coverage or shipping. Make sure you understand all of the fees. You don’t want to think you’re paying $25 a month and discovering there is an extra $10 fee for GPS coverage or fall protection service.


Can Your Parent Be Fined?

Companies may charge fines if your parent loses the pendant or wrist button. If any of the systems are stolen or lost, there can be significant fines worth hundreds of dollars. If you cancel the service outside of the date given in the contract, you could also face fines and penalties for early termination.

Some companies will fine users if they make too many non-emergency calls. This can be a problem if your parent has Alzheimer’s and pushes the button repeatedly not realizing what button on the wrist is for. If your parent is lonely and wants to talk to someone, that’s another situation where the misuse of the service may lead to a fine.


Does the Service Auto-Renew?

Some services auto-renew. If your parents miss an email, they may not realize the charge is about to hit. It’s important to read the fine print to see how a policy is canceled. Some will cancel it over the phone, but others require you to send a notification in writing. If you don’t follow the right cancellation method, you could be charged for another month or year.

One family found that a program to help with the safe return of an Alzheimer’s parent auto-renewed each year. When they went to cancel, they were told to refer to the contract. In there, it states the only way to cancel is by returning the medic alert bracelet that they’d paid for separately. Without the bracelet, they couldn’t cancel. Their mom had lost the bracelet months earlier, so there was no way to return it.


Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Personalized Senior Care Services

Pair a medical alert program with the benefits of senior care. Your parents enjoy companionship from paid caregivers as often as is desired. They’ll have help with housekeeping, transportation, meals, and more. When they’re alone, they have the peace of mind that there’s a quick way to get help. Call a senior care agency to get started.


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