Lucy’s cousin, John, became a family caregiver suddenly when his father suffered a heart attack. It was obvious that his father wasn’t going to be able to continue living alone with no help. John stepped in and helped him to do some of his household tasks while also making sure he did the things he needed to do to recover and improve his heart health.



Caregiver in Avondale AZ: Senior Needs Elderly Care

Caregiver in Avondale AZ: Senior Needs Elderly Care


Lucy’s father, however, didn’t have such a major event that made the need for assistance so obvious. Lucy, who didn’t live near enough to check on her father every day, started noticing slips in her father’s ability to do things for himself. Eventually, she realized that she needed to contact an elder care agency to get her father some help. If you’re uncertain whether your older family member needs elderly care, knowing what to look for can provide you the clues that you need to decide.


Below are three things that suggest a senior needs elderly care.

Spoiled Food and Empty Cupboards

Check the cupboards and refrigerator in the older adult’s house. Look for food that has passed its expiration date. If the refrigerator is filled with spoiled food that looks like it has been there a while, it may just be that the senior is not cleaning out their fridge regularly. Unfortunately, though, it can also mean that they are experiencing cognitive problems that don’t allow them to recognize when food has spoiled. Likewise, if cupboards are consistently empty, the older adult may be having trouble getting to the grocery store or cooking meals for themselves. Concern over whether a senior is eating well is an excellent reason to contact an elderly care agency since elderly care can take the older adult grocery shopping and prepare meals for them.


An Unkempt Appearance

If the senior always used to have a neat and clean appearance and that begins to change, there’s cause for concern. Look for clothing that looks dirty or stained. Observe the senior’s personal hygiene. If they have a body odor or bad breath, they could be having difficulty bathing or brushing their teeth.

Elderly care providers can help older adults to keep themselves and their clothing clean. Elderly care providers can assist with bathing and showering to ensure the senior does not fall. They can also assist with dental care and basic daily grooming. In addition, elderly care providers can do laundry to keep the senior’s clothes clean.


Dirty House

Keeping the house clean is important for both health and self-esteem. Watch for dust on furniture to be thicker than normal and floors that look dirty. This could indicate the older adult is having trouble with the lifting, bending, and other movements needed to clean the house. Elderly care can assist with light housekeeping duties to keep the house looking fresh.


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