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Archive for October 2013

Death and Dying..Have that Conversation!

Yesterday at a senior forum I attended there was a discussion on communication and what you want to happen when you reach your end of life times. The one absolute certainty in life (taxes aside) is if you are alive today, you will die sometime in the future. Unfortunately our society seems to be in…

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Joining the Journey

I attended a great presentation today on how to reduce hospitalization in persons with dementia. There were about 80 participants that asked very good questions. Most in attendance either had a spouse or close friend who were in varies stages of dementia. The one question that struck me was from a gentleman whose wife was…

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Adapting to Growing Older-one mans perspective

Taken from the website “I’m just dealing with the struggles of getting older.” “What are those?” “Oh, you know. It’s not as easy to run. Not as easy to do the things I used to do.” “What’s something that improves with age?” “You have more experience, I guess. And less pressure.” “Less pressure?” “Yeah.…

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