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Archive for July 2012

TRIP Volunteer Driver Program Opens New Training Center

Blessings! For Seniors supports the new non-profit organization, Living Solutions for Seniors, Inc in it’s mission to establish a transportation program in Southwest Valley of Metro Phoenix.   The Independent Living Partnership has responded to national requests and established a training center for the staff of organizations wanting to start and operate a TRIP service for older…

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Becoming a Family Caregiver

If caring for a family loved one is new for you or if you are experiencing the stresses of being a family caregiver, then this FREE community education forum is for you.  You will learn: What being a caregiver is all about What being a caregiver means to the family The core values of being…

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5 Signs of Alzheimer’s That Sometimes Show up Before Memory Loss

Forgetfulness isn’t always the first sign of dementia. By Paula Spencer Scott  Memory loss is the symptom everybody worried about Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia seems to focus on. After all, it’s distressing — and increasingly obvious. Yet there are other common symptoms of Alzheimer’s or dementia that can turn up even earlier,…

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